Golden Mosaic Suns: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape

Art Skills: Fine motor skills, gluing

Art History: Mosaic Tiles

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Click for free lesson plan download!
Click for free lesson plan download!

If you make room for one “macaroni project” in your classroom, let it be this one! Not only does this project allow students to work on those important fine motor skills, it also provides a great introduction to the idea of mosaic. By the end of the lesson, students will understand how a work of art can be made from many small pieces put together. For older students, you can also work with patterning by encouraging students to add different types of pattern to their pieces. Be sure to spray these outdoors or use your room’s ventilation system after the kids go home for the day.


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3 years ago


  • Linda Lea Evans

    This project would make Dr. Clark, my art ed prof @UW-Oshkosh, roll over in his grave. He always warned us to never make a project with macaroni/pasta and spray paint it gold… he’d come back and pull our teaching license or something.
    Personally, I have a hard time using food for making art when so many children are hungry and would rather eat it.

    • Linda- you’re comment made me laugh out loud! And you’re right, we do have to talk about how dried pasta is not really a great thing to eat.

      • Linda Lea Evans

        Amanda-Some will try to eat the pasta but I am thinking more about using apples, potatoes and other things for printing