Action Jackson Lines: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Color, Line

Art Skills: Fine motor, painting

Making Connections: Art History

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

I love seeing how the fine motor skills develop, and how kids learn to make marks on the paper.  The objective of this lesson is that students can MAKE 5 or more line types.  I also do want them to know the names of the lines, but it’s more important for me to see how they can use a tool to create these different lines. They can choose to arrange them anywhere on their paper.

One other strategy I use is to relate each line type to something in their everyday life.  The dashed like is like the lines in the road. The curved lines are like a curvy road.  The dotted lines remind us of how we use the glue in the art room.   The zigzag line is like a z on it’s side, getting it’s “zzzzzz’s” and the straight line is like a robot, very rigid. We have fun acting these out drawing them in the air and talking about them.

I also relate the artwork to Jackson Pollack.  “Action Jackson” is a fun way for kids to remember Pollack, and the different lines they make relate to his splatter painting. They really do not forget this.  I am hoping by connecting the artwork to real life situations, practicing the line types and connecting it to art history, the students will have a deeper understanding of the project instead of “just drawing lines.”

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8 years ago


  • Heather

    I did this last week with my Kindergartners. They really did turn out great! I had them draw the lines in crayon and then we painted over them with watercolor. It was great, because I was able to hang these up for our Curriculum Night! Thanks for the idea. (I loved the children’s book as well.)

  • vasiliki

    i seem to have a problem downloading this page…! why?