Keith Haring Silhouettes: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape, Space

Art Skills: Drawing, Cutting

Art History: Keith Haring

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Click to download free lesson plan!
Click to download free lesson plan!


With his bright colors and simple figures, Keith Haring is always a crowd favorite. Students will love coming up with poses for their own simple figures. This lesson can be extended and connected to so many different things. Check out 4 ideas below!


1. Pair this lesson with a field trip to your local sculpture garden.

sculpture garden


2. Discuss the human form in motion by tying this lesson to the Olympics during appropriate years.


3. Hone in on positive and negative space by using this lesson as a starting point for a unit with more complex lessons.


4. Take this lesson from 2D to 3D with wire sculptures. Twisteez Wire is perfect for students as it bends effortlessly. Once again, Twisteez Wire will be including a special surprise in the SWAG boxes for the Winter 2016 Online Conference. But remember, only the first 1,500 registrants get one. Sign up today!

3D wire guy


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