12 Hue Color Wheel: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Color

Art Skills: Color Mixing

Making Connections: Science

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

Students are graded on their ability to mix the secondary and intermediate colors, using only the three primary colors.  First, we plan out our square and divide it into 12 sections. Then, we label the sections.  Then, I give the students the primary colors and they go to town!

Tip: Instead of a true blue, I use a blue/green or aqua color for  my blue. It helps the greens and purples to look especially bright! Once they are dry, students cut them into symmetrical shapes (essentially cutting off the edges and their labeling) and mount them on black paper. They sure look sharp!

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8 years ago


  • Eric Lowe

    Very nice work. Great idea for a colour wheel, I’ll show it to my students. Thamks Eric Lowe

    • Hi Eric!
      Where do you teach? Thanks for stopping by!

      • Eric Lowe

        I’m an art educator with 16 years of experience in teaching for Brandon School Division. I was the art coordinator of the ArtsSmarts project, wherein artists and educators developed art-integrated lessons. I’m now a sessional lecturer at Brandon University, developing an art-integrated curriculum for my M.Ed. project.

  • Amy

    I like this, I am wondering what medium you used. Watercolor, acrylic? I teach 2nd 4th and 6th grades in a school where art has been virtually banned. sad.

    • Hi Amy! I used Tempera Cakes. They are in a watercolor palette, but they are a bit thicker and brighter then a watercolor. I didn’t want to use the liquid tempera, these were a happy medium. Each student received a mixing tray to mix in. Hope it helps!

  • Nicoleroebuck

    Those look great! Is there any way you can repost the PDF Lesson Plan? I’ve been asked last min to teach a 6 wk module for 3rd-5th Creative Arts and have less than a week to plan, get a classroom together and figure out what I’m doing as this is my first time teaching. Tried and true lesson plans are much needed!!

    • The lessons have all been updated with new links and lesson plan formats.

  • Guest

    The link for the lesson plan no longer works

  • artofed.dev

    Lessons and links need to be udated more frequently;I also couldn’t get this link to work!

    • The link appears to be working to me. Did you click on the large image? This should start your download immediately.