The Scream: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: 3-5

Art Elements: Color, Line

Art Skills: Warm, Cool and Neutral Colors, Painting

Making Connections: Art History

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 Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

This lesson is one of my favorites. Students learn about the painting, “The Scream” by Munch. They re-create the painting and then draw why THEY think the scream is screaming. This lesson is a review of warm, cool and neutral colors. Warm in the sky, cool in the water and neutral in the bridge and on the person. I do a mini- follow me draw along for the person and bridge and the rest is all up to the kiddos!

The best one a student ever created was when they drew a bird taking a toupee off of the screamer’s head. hahaha!

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8 years ago


  • Wrightsareus

    I cannot download the PDF….:(

  • kirbyl

    I clicked and dragged it to my desktop where I could print it out for my notebook. This is a good one and all of the kids will love it! Thanks Jessica! You are awesome!

    • Perfect! So glad.

      When printing you may need to “fit to size” but it should fit on the page great.