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Monoprint Logos: Free Lesson Plan Download

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For many art teachers, color printing comes at a high cost. You may have your students create amazing digital art pieces, only to be disappointed when they can’t print them out. If you’re looking for a solution, this lesson is just what you need.

In this lesson, students will create digital logos using only the color black. Instead of adding additional color on the computer, each student will create a set of monoprints to visually enhance their logo. Then, they’ll run the monoprints right through the printer, printing the logo directly on top!

Try starting off the lesson with this video from PBS Off BookUsing both digital and traditional methods of art making will also keep your students engaged!

This Art Ed lesson plan is 100% FREE to download! Use it in your classroom and share it with your colleagues. For more free lessons like this one, visit our Lessons Page, and download them all!

3 years ago