Oil Pastel Nature Drawings: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Color, Value

Art Skills: Drawing, Color Mixing

Art History: O’Keeffe

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!


Although the materials are nothing like that of real wax-resist batik, the look of this project is similar, with wide, flowing outlines that produce a stunning effect. Layered oil pastel on black paper creates a subtle transition of color when blended. Try using metallic oil pastels for a shimmery finish or fluorescent versions for a bright pop.

If you’re looking to bring other new ideas into your drawing curriculum, we have two great resources for you.

In the Rethinking Your Drawing Curriculum Learning Pack, you’ll learn how to better utilize sketchbooks, how to extend traditional lessons, and how to push your students to develop technical skills and meaning in their artwork. Or, if you want a more in-depth experience, Studio: Drawing allows you to try out new techniques yourself while finding inspiration for the classroom!

Check out some more beautiful results below!

abstract nature

abstract nature

abstract nature


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