Op Art – Optical Illusions: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Shape, Pattern

Art Skills: Using a Ruler, Using a Compass

Art History: Op Art, Victor Vasarely

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

This lesson is a great way to talk about Line, Shape and Pattern with 4th Grade Students.  Optical Illusions build excitement, because it is fun to see the way the different illusions can trick the eye.  The motivation for this lesson is fairly simple, because the images alone make the students excited to start the lesson.  The best part about this lesson is that none of the Op Art pieces look the same when they are finished.  Each student can plan out his or her design as long as they follow the simple guidelines.  Many examples of Optical Illusions are provided for the students to help them generate their ideas as they plan. Erasing all pencil lines at the end is a must! It helps make the product really look sharp!

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9 years ago