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Painted Paper Landscape: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Space, Texture, Shape

Art Skills: Watercolor, Collage

Art History: Landscape Painting

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

This lesson is a sure thing when you are looking for a project to build student confidence with art making. Not only is working with watercolor in these unique ways very forgiving, but the abstraction of this project leads to some serene landscape compositions. It’s also a great way to introduce watercolor techniques while working with the concept of space within landscapes. Try tying in Monet’s Impressionist landscapes for an art history connection or even a more modern Impressionist take such as the work of Erin Hanson.

Check out some more finished examples below or read more here.





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5 years ago