Pastel Landscape: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: PreK-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Space

Art Skills: Drawing, Care & Use of Materials

Making Connections: Landscape, Horizon Line


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Pastel Landscape
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Using chalk pastels with Kindergarten can be a little scary, but this lesson has just the right balance of instruction and freedom to make it work, I promise.  If you let students know this is a special material that usually only the “big kids” get to use, they will treat it as such and rise to the occasion.  This is one of my most popular Kindergarten lessons and I always send it to get laminated, just to make it that much more special.  The lamination traps all their wonderful little fingerprints and handwritten name, making it a sweet keepsake for parents as well.

klandscape copy


klandscape4 copy

Helpful clean-up hint: I prepare a bucket of damp washcloths prior to this lesson.  As students finish their piece, they store it on the drying rack so that is doesn’t get smudged, clean up pastels, and then wipe their hands and table with a damp rag.

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6 years ago


  • I just taught something similar to this! Some optional things to try: Use black construction and use glue lines to make the line. Let the glue dry and chalk the next class period. Also, I tied in van gogh’s landscapes for a bit of art history!

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