Pysanky Eggs: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Space and Line

Art Skills: Drawing, Wax Resist, Cutting

Making Connections: Pysanky Eggs, Ukrainian Culture

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

This lesson is great for spring because it incorporates the egg, something many of our students are familiar with decorating around the Easter holiday. It’s nice to show how other cultures incorporate traditions in different ways. I don’t show many movies in the art room, but the entire Reading Rainbow episode of Rechenka’s Eggs is excellent, because it shows the process step by step of the author herself creating a Pysanka egg in the traditional style. You can find the entire episode online right here. Below are some examples of traditional designs. You can find similar resources online, or even create your own and make copies!

design examples

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5 years ago


  • cindy

    Thank you for the great lesson, but I wasn’t able to access the Reading Rainbow video. Any ideas??

    • Vicky Siegel

      You could ask your librarian. We still have it available on VHS in our library.

  • Darya

    Hi, this is a great lesson plan, but I have to correct you on the cultural background of Pysanky. These are Ukrainian, not Russian. Yes, all cultures have their traditions for decorating Easter eggs, but the Pysanky are unique to the Ukrainian culture. Please, please do be sensitive to giving correct information, especially in light of the current situation with Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian and Russian languages and cultures are similar in that they are both Slavic, much like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages are Romance languages. These are also similar, but not alike. Thank you!

  • kathleen

    I have been doing Pisanki or Pysanky projects for many years and used some Polish web sites for examples. They are popular in many Eastern European countries not just the Ukraine. I also expand the lesson to Faberge eggs letting the kids use gold and silver crayons. This year our library had a book on Easter around the world and my kids were excited to hear how it is celebrated in Ethiopia, Egypt, Mexico,Sweden, Germany and Russia. They have to make a dozen eggs and paint the grass around the eggs to “hide” them.