Smashing Faces: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape and Value

Art Skills: Photo, Drawing

Making Connections: Artist Ana Mendieta

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

Do you have a window? Do you have a camera?

Do you have students and a teacher willing to look incredibly ridiculous, have that look captured forever, and turned into a drawing for everyone to see?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’re ready to try the Smashed Face Portrait Project. Kids love this project because it’s a little bit out of the ordinary and a lot of fun. I love this project because it’s simple to teach yet intriguing and motivating for my students. It’s not much more than smashing faces, taking pictures, and turning those pictures into quality drawings; the results, however, can be fantastic.

If you decide to give this a try, it may help to see one of Ana Mendieta’s smashed portraits as well as my students demonstrating a few examples of high-level face smashing techniques.

Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta

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Student Photos


The Straight Smash

Smashed Face 4

The Side Smash

Smashed Face 3

The Straight Smash with Slide

Smashed Face 1

The Side Smash with Slide

Smashed Face 2

Good Luck!!!

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5 years ago