Starry Night: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Movement and Texture

Art Skills: Painting Techniques

Art History: Van Gogh

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Starry Night is one of an art teacher’s favorite lessons to implement, but unfortunately lessons with this complicated painting can go south quickly. Painting 11 stars in the sky for children can easily turn into a huge mess, but not with this lesson!  This is a manageable lesson that involves many different materials. The stars do not get lost because of the techniques applied. There is also a very fun element of creativity when students get to decide WHERE their starry night is. I’ve seen it all, from a jungle, to the desert and even over Big Ben in London! Enjoy.

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6 years ago


  • Jorena

    I love Starry Night. We incorporate it into three areas- community (social studies), moon phases (science) and fore,mid, and background review (visual art). I put two slits in the upper right hand corner of each child’s paper and they run a strip through of the different moon phases that they have painted. For the town, I hang up photographs of local buildings around the room and kids pick and choose what to include in their town. Starry night is awesome.

    • The moon phase idea is a wonderful science connection. I would love to see photos of this sometime.