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How to Leverage ESSER Funds for Your Visual Arts Department

Join Anneliese Pixton, M. Ed. in this On-Demand Webinar as she defines the American Rescue Plan (ARP, now commonly referred to as ESSER funding) and its benefits to Art Education.

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Renewed and Invigorated Focus on Whole Child Education

Funding has finally caught up to what educators have known for a long time. Children need to feel safe and cared for before they can learn. That’s why there is a renewed and invigorated focus on whole-child education in the ARP bill and the additional ESSER funding it will provide for K-12 schools. 

Join as Anneliese Pixton, MEd, as she reviews the American Rescue Plan and shows you firsthand:

  1. How ARP ESSER benefits art education.
  2. The types of visual arts resources that can be purchased.
  3. The steps to take to receive funding for your art room.

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About Anneliese Pixton, M. Ed.

With 15 years of experience, Anneliese is an expert in federal programs funding, education policy, and educational technology. As a public educator, she served as a para and a federal program administrator and most jobs in between. Before founding implementEd, she was co-founder and CAO of Positive Learning.

An ESSER-Ready Solution

Art teachers deserve rigorous, relevant, and engaging art education curriculum resources and professional development. When it comes to social and emotional learning, making cross-curricular connections, and hundreds of other topics, FLEX and PRO have you covered. 

  • FLEX Curriculum contains thousands of premium art curriculum materials, supporting what you do in the art room.
  • PRO Learning contains over a thousand video tutorials and resources, providing strategies to progress your career to the next level while elevating your current teaching practice.

FLEX and PRO are Ed tech solutions teachers want and districts need to address continuity of learning for visual arts. 

Connect with our team to discuss your needs, see a product demonstration, or get a quote for a comprehensive solution to support every aspect of what you do.