ROI Calculator

Calculate the Value of Your Master’s Degree

Earning a degree requires investing time, money, and effort. Like any investment, it’s important to understand the value that a master’s degree could bring to your career.

What kind of investment will you need to make?

Graduate school tuition varies widely by school and degree type. According to the Education Data Initiative, the average cost of a master’s degree is $66,340. At The Art of Education University, we’re committed to making your degree affordable. You can find the current course and program costs here.

Keep in mind, your investment won’t just be in tuition and fees—courses and assignments require a time commitment. Here’s a breakdown of the typical graduate course workload. Learn how AOEU students balance teaching, parenting, and pursuing a degree. You can do it, too!

Return on Investment Calculator

Enter the required information and the ROI calculator will determine the following:

  • Time until you’ve earned ‘back’ the cost of your degree (when you’ll break even and your increased salary will make up for the investment)
  • The total earnings (raise) you’ll receive by earning your degree
  • Your total return on your master’s degree investment

How to Fund Your Degree

AOEU’s master’s degree may be one of the least expensive programs out there, but we’re still committed to supporting you in investigating financial aid options.


How to Fund Your Master’s Degree Program

Learn about funding your master’s degree.

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See ways to request for your school to pay for your degree.

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What to Know: Private Educational Loans

What loans are available to you—and how do you discern your options?

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