Featured NOW Presenter Devon Rodriguez

About Devon

Devon Rodriguez is a New York City-based artist and TikTok creator whose talents and creativity have amassed him a community of more than 32 million followers (and counting!). On TikTok, Devon is known for his incredibly realistic drawings of New Yorkers on the subway, where he draws commuters and films their reactions as he hands them their finished portrait.

Originally from The Bronx, Devon’s early inspiration came from New York’s street art scene, where he began practicing graffiti at age 11. Eventually growing an interest in portraiture and realism thanks to a childhood teacher, he attended Manhattan’s coveted High School of Art and Design in 2011. It was here that he began sketching portraits of commuters’ everyday lives on the New York City Subway.

After graduating, he briefly attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) until demand for his commissioned portraits grew drastically, teaching him more than a formal education could ever provide.

Devon began sharing his art on TikTok around the same time he was able to ride the subway again—the summer of 2020. Quickly achieving viral success, Devon continued to build his following by capturing the lives of everyday New Yorkers amidst New York’s most unique moment in history.



Spreading Positivity Through Portraiture

You’ve seen Devon Rodriguez’s portrait drawing in action on TikTok and Instagram, and soon you can join him at the NOW Conference! In his featured presentation, Devon will share the stories behind his portraits, his rise to fame on social media, and the lessons our students can learn from his work.

Devon will also share his own story and talk about his career as an artist, discussing why he believes in the power of portraiture, how he connects with his subjects, and how he hopes to spread positivity through his artwork and his actions.

Schedule of Events

The conference schedule will be available soon!

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Other NOW Presenters

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