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100% Online Model

Everything you need to teach art online, in one place.

Teaching art online is a challenge, but with the skills you already have and the resources on this page, you’ll be able to successfully navigate the virtual art room.


AOEU's Newest Course: Strategies and Tools for Online Art Instruction

This three-week course will provide practical strategies and tools to facilitate online art instruction. Each week, faculty will model a teaching strategy with art-specific examples using Zoom, Padlet, Google Classroom, and Web 2.0 tools.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have access to the bank of lessons and resources shared by their peers to provide continued support and inspire online instruction strategies in a changing environment.

The course is open now, and you can enroll today to be in our next cohort!


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Free Articles, Podcasts, and Other Useful Resources

How FLEX Curriculum Supports Teaching Art Online

You can keep all of your classes and units organized and easily accessible no matter where you are. Download materials to add to your LMS or class website, send materials directly to students via email, or provide links to videos. You’ll find lessons that require minimal materials, making it easy to provide engaging lessons for your students creating at home.

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How PRO Learning Supports Teaching Art Online

Watch Packs on demand as you have time in your schedule. Meet virtually with other PRO members in your district to share new learning and ideas. You’ll find Packs that speak to the unique challenges of teaching from home and engaging students in online learning.


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Links for Art on a Cart:

Additional Teaching Models