Rethinking Art Room Space



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Introduction 0:21

The Importance of Classroom Space

What Do You Value in Your Classroom 1:05

Promoting Student Independence 3:10

Student Supply Access

Keeping Students Focused 2:31

Simple Supply Storage 2:30

Rethinking Space on a Budget

Basic Room Organization 2:05

Supplies, Tools, and Materials 1:59

Daily Routines and Transitions

Practicing Smooth Transitions 3:08

Entering and Leaving the Classroom 1:36

Other Management Routines 1:33

Considering the Space Outside Your Room

Using Outdoor Space 0:59

Bringing in Nature 1:05


Conclusion 0:30

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Rethinking Art Room Space

1 PD Hours

  • 1 Find out why classroom space is so important and how you can best utilize your area.

  • 2 Discover how to promote inquiry and independence through set up and organization of materials.

  • 3 Learn how daily routines and smooth transitions can transform the flow of your art room space.

You and your students will spend most of their waking time in their classrooms over the course of the school year. In this Learning Pack, learn the importance of your classroom space, how to create and alter your existing space on a budget, and how to establish daily routines to keep your space inspirational all year long. Ensure your art room is a space that represents the values of you and your students!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
Daily Management
5.2 Sets and communicates art room expectations, routines and procedures
5.3 Keeps accurate student records

Physical Space
5.5 Ensures the art room space is accessible for all students
5.6 Maintains organization of student work
5.7 Plans for and upholds routines for supply distribution
5.8 Promotes safety of equipment, materials, and supplies

Rachel Giannini

Rachel Giannini

PRO Facilitator

Rachel Giannini is an educator and content creator for the Chicago Children’s Museum. Prior to her role at the museum, Rachel taught in a progressive classroom setting for seven years.  In her free time, Rachel is a magician and coffee enthusiast.


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