Collaborating with Paraprofessionals



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Introduction 0:48

Developing a Positive Mindset

Promoting a Team Effort 1:45

Honoring Boundaries 2:12

Creating a Daily Plan 3:30

Communication is Key

Setting Clear Expectations 2:38

Best Practices for Giving and Receiving Feedback 4:29

Introducing Paras to Your Art Room

Routines and Procedures 4:29

Formatting Lessons for Consistency 3:27

Paraprofessional Checklists and Other Policies 5:28

Utilizing Para Support

One-on-One Instruction 10:20

Small Group Instruction 2:54

Organization and Other Duties 3:14

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues

Finishing Students' Work 3:47

Overstepping Responsibilities 4:05

Mediating Conflict 7:47


Conclusion 0:56

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Collaborating with Paraprofessionals

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to develop a positive mindset and cultivate teamwork with paraprofessionals

  • 2 Discover how to keep your room running smoothly with communication, plans, and routines

  • 3 Apply best practices for working with paraprofessionals throughout the school year

It is difficult to know the best ways to collaborate with paraprofessionals in the art room, and all of the ways they can be utilized. In this Learning Pack, discover strategies to develop a positive environment, set up daily plans and routines, give feedback, and deal with unexpected circumstances. You will gain strategies to work collaboratively with your paraprofessionals to find success with all learners.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
Professional Practice
6.2 Adds value to team and school culture
6.3 Interacts with other professional educators

Shannon Lauffer

Shannon Lauffer

AOE Admissions Officer & Academic Advisor and PRO Facilitator

Shannon’s passion lies where creative expression in art education collides with meeting the needs of all learners. After teaching art for several years in therapeutic schools to students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, she earned a Master’s certification from Kean University in 2011 in Special Education. She has worked with learners preschool-aged through adult and is devoted to developing strategies and interventions that provide creative outlets for students of all abilities in the art room. As a graduate instructor and admissions and academic advisor, she is dedicated to shaping the future of professional learning to art educators.


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