Collaboration in the Art Room

Instructional Strategies


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Introduction 0:43

The Importance of Collaboration

Why Collaborate in the Art Room 1:37

The Benefits of Collaboration 1:32

The Three Types of Collaboration 1:47

Tips for Successful Collaborative Experiences 4:30

Best Practices for Collaboration

Collaborative Roles and Their Importance 3:45

Allowing for Self and Group Evaluation 2:05

Simple Steps to Help Students Collaborate

The Easiest Ways for Students to Work Together 3:38

Beginner Collaborative Projects

Teacher-Directed Group Project 3:52

Student-Directed Collaborative Projects 2:30

Working Together Across Classes

Working with Other Classes 1:49

Working with Other Disciplines 2:01

Collaborating with Other Schools 2:22


Conclusion 0:25

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Collaboration in the Art Room

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Discover why it’s essential to include the 4C of collaboration in the art room.

  • 2 Learn best practices for getting students collaborating seamlessly.

  • 3 Explore simple activities and projects to get collaborative efforts started immediately.

Whether your goal is to organize stress-free collaborative group work or create a more student-centered collaborative environment, this Learning Pack will help you find ways to embrace collaborative projects and activities within your current curriculum. Learn why collaboration is so essential to the art room while picking up tips and tricks to get collaborative experiences underway with ease. Collaboration will soon become a staple in your daily instructional strategies!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
3.1 Effectively paces lessons to facilitate student learning
3.7 Promotes student collaboration when appropriate

3.10 Considers multiple intelligences when planning instruction

Tracy Hare

Tracy Hare

PRO Facilitator and Middle School Art Teacher

Tracy teaches middle school art in central Minnesota. In her classroom, she focuses on deepening 21st century skills by encouraging her students to practice critical thinking, solve open-ended problems creatively and work together to produce, connect, and share their artwork.    


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