Designing Art Curriculum Units



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Introduction 1:01

Developing a Focus

Determining What Students Need to Know Part 1 2:06

Determining What Students Need to Know Part 2 1:32

Identifying Students' Needs 4:03

Defining Objectives From Standards 4:24

Identify Activity or Project Specifics

Procedural Knowledge vs Declarative Knowledge 2:07

Blending in Vocabulary 6:50

Selecting Best Instructional Strategies 3:25

Locating Instructional Resources

Collecting Materials and Supplies 7:01

Using Instructional Resources 5:10

Blending in Technology 2:39

Developing the Unit

Pacing of the Unit 2:34

Unit Plan Examples 2:21

Aligning Assessments

Working in Formative Assessments 3:10

Developing Common Summative Assessments 1:31


Conclusion 0:41

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Designing Art Curriculum Units

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to best plan for, organize, and deliver lesson units.

  • 2 Find strategies for how to best pace a lesson and its corresponding activities.

  • 3 Discover how to immediately implement these strategies into your classroom.

In this Learning Pack, discover how a unit plan differs from a curriculum plan. Learn how to plan a focus, align vocabulary and resources, and differentiate material. Find out how declarative and procedural knowledge differ, and what the right balance is for the art room. Finally, explore assessment options and how to best incorporate them throughout your lessons. Explore all the components of a unit plan in-depth!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
1.1 Aligns curriculum with national, state, or district standards
1.2 Plans and prepares sequential lessons, units, and/or centers
1.3 Develops appropriate learning targets/goals
1.4 Develops engaging activities, resources, lessons, and/or centers
1.5 Demonstrates thorough background/content knowledge

Lindsey Moss

Lindsey Moss

AOE Writer and Elementary Art Teacher

Lindsey Moss is an elementary art teacher in Yorkville, Illinois. She enjoys art history and finding creative and artistic solutions to educational challenges.


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