Critiques at Every Level



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Introduction 0:46

Critique Fundamentals

Encouraging Participation 1:53

Grouping Students for Critiques 3:03

Supplying Vocabulary Help 2:31

Scaffolding Critique Methods

Student-Directed Critiques 3:50

Teacher-Directed Critiques 2:03

Partner or Group-Directed Critiques 2:44

Whole Class Critiques 3:07

Extending Learning through Critiques

Using Critique to Deepen Learning 2:28

Practicing Critique with Resources 3:10

Digital Critiques

Using Email for Feedback 2:59

Utilizing a LMS to Foster Peer Review 4:00

Specific Critiques Ideas

Silent Art Sorts 4:39

Art Debates 3:19

Teacher-Student Chat Critique 3:43

Reflection Application 2:18

How to Handle Critique Heartache

Responding to Hurt Feelings 2:00


Conclusion 0:29

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Critiques at Every Level

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to use critiques to enhance learning through a natural progression.

  • 2 Explore methods for simplifying critique methods and activities.

  • 3 Discover how to encourage students to reflect on their artmaking for increased engagement.

In this Learning Pack, discover how to use critiques to enhance what you are already doing in your classroom. Gain specific ideas to excite students through various modes of self-reflection, peer review, and class critique. Learn why it’s critical to have successful critiques at any grade level. Dramatically shift the way you implement critiques into your art room!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
2.1 Utilizes formative assessment strategies to guide student learning
2.2 Helps students reflect on learning through critique and peer feedback
2.3 Provides ongoing feedback to students

2.4 Monitors and tracks students’ learning
2.5 Designs student assessments aligned to learning goals
2.6 Makes use of summative assessment for evidence of learning

Connected National Visual Arts Standards
Anchor Standard #7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
Anchor Standard #8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
Anchor Standard #9: Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.

Johanna Russell

Johanna Russell

PRO Facilitator and Middle Level Art Teacher

Johanna Russell has been teaching since 2003 and is always seeking to improve her craft through non-traditional avenues of research, thought, and teaching practice. She believes the mental capacity for creativity and divergent thought will be essential for the futures of our students and that the best place for students to learn to think differently is in the art room.


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