Showcasing Student Artwork



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Introduction 0:51

Motivating Students to Create Quality Work

Communicating the Idea of Art Making for an Audience 1:46

Breaking Down the Process of Art Interpretation 2:50

Modeling Critiques 4:08

Applying Criteria for Evaluation 2:35

Refining Student Artwork

Presentation Checklists 1:35

Using Peer Feedback Efficiently 1:39

Utilizing Teacher Feedback 4:35

Artwork Display Options

Reflecting with an Artist Statement 3:26

Considering Online Display Options 2:37

Alternative Online Display Options 1:26

Utilizing Outside Opportunities 3:31

Putting Together an Art Show

Student Art Show Applications 1:32

Student Organized Art Shows 2:41

Art Show Details 7:14


Conclusion 1:36

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Showcasing Student Artwork

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to encourage students to apply evaluation criteria to finished artwork.

  • 2 Explore methods for simplifying display methods and alternative display options.

  • 3 Discover how to plan for a student-run art show.

All art teachers know displaying student art is important. Putting art on display is beneficial for the art program, school culture, and the community at large. However, how do you make time for display? This PRO Learning Pack is designed to provide you with practical methods for showcasing student art without adding more to your to-do list. Learn how to promote the value of presentation, refine work for display and use peer and teacher feedback to improve work quality. Dramatically shift the way you think about displaying student artwork!

Connected National Visual Arts Standards:
Anchor Standard #4. Analyze, interpret, and select artistic work for presentation.
Anchor Standard #5. Develop and refine artistic work for presentation.

Johanna Russell

Johanna Russell

PRO Facilitator and Middle Level Art Teacher

Johanna Russell has been teaching since 2003 and is always seeking to improve her craft through non-traditional avenues of research, thought, and teaching practice. She believes the mental capacity for creativity and divergent thought will be essential for the futures of our students and that the best place for students to learn to think differently is in the art room.


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