Building Leadership Skills as an Art Educator

Professional Development


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Introduction 1:30

The Art Teacher as an Instructional Leader

Characteristics of an Art Teacher Leader 3:19

Getting Involved in Your School 3:00

The Application of Instructional Leadership

Professional Growth Mindset 2:18

The Importance of Building Common Ground 4:00

Goal Setting 2:19

Engaging in Ongoing Professional Development

The Role of Professional Development and Leadership 3:23

Creating Professional Development for Others 3:12

Connecting Your Art Program with District Stakeholders

Connecting to Your School and School Board 3:06

Connecting to Your Department 3:29

Advocating within the Larger Community

Being a Community Presence 5:22

Engaging School and Community Leaders 3:37


Conclusion 0:46

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Building Leadership Skills as an Art Educator

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Identify the art-specific skills that can help you in an educational leadership role.

  • 2 Learn practical strategies for using leadership as an advocacy tool.

  • 3 Gain advice for identifying relevant opportunities for professional leadership development and strategies to get funding.

Positioning yourself as an educational leader is a great way to advocate for your art program and help advance the profession of art education. But, how do you become a leader in the first place? In this PRO Learning Pack, Nick Gehl, a former art teacher turned arts administrator, shares insider tips for finding and benefiting from professional leadership opportunities.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies

Professional Practice
6.1 Demonstrates reflective practice
6.2 Adds value to team and school culture
6.3 Interacts with other professional educators

Professional Learning
6.4 Approaches professional development with enthusiasm and an open mind
6.5 Actively searches for new professional development opportunities

6.8 Effectively communicates the importance of the arts
6.9 Promotes art education to students, families, and communities at large

Nick Gehl

Nick Gehl

High School Art Administrator and PRO Facilitator

Nick Gehl is currently the Department Chair of Fine Arts at Evanston Township High School in Illinois. He is interested in enhancing the student experience, staff development, and leadership in the arts. He holds a bachelors degree in Art Education and masters degree in Educational Leadership.


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