Identifying Essential Content and Objectives



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Introduction 3:25

Getting Started with Essential Questions

What is an Essential Question? 4:00

Using NCAS as a Starting Point 2:24

Crafting Essential Questions 1:13

Setting Clear Objectives

What is a Learning Objective? 1:22

Using NCAS as a Starting Point 0:46

Crafting Learning Objectives 4:09

Using I Can Statements

What is an I Can Statement? 3:15

Writing I Can Statements 4:23

Essential Content During Demonstrations

Explicit and Direct Instruction 0:57

Using Visual Cues to Highlight Content 2:23

Identifying Critical Art Vocabulary

Helping Students Remember Critical Vocabulary 1:57

Checking for Understanding

Monitoring for Student Learning 2:10

Adjusting Learning Goals for Abilities/Ages 0:37


Conclusion 1:16

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Identifying Essential Content and Objectives

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Explore the characteristics of an effective learning goal.

  • 2 Learn how to write a comprehensive "I Can" statement.

  • 3 Discover how to infuse critical content into everything you do in the art room.

Deciding what to teach your students can be overwhelming. In this PRO Learning Pack, discover how to pare down your curriculum to the essentials. What do students really need to know before leaving your classroom? What are the essential concepts, vocabulary words, and techniques they need to be successful at the next level? Megan will walk you through exactly how to get started on answering these questions.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies

1.1 Aligns curriculum with national, state, or district standards
1.3 Develops appropriate learning targets/goals

Megan Dehner

Megan Dehner

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Megan Dehner is an elementary art teacher (K-5) at West Liberty Elementary School in West Liberty, Iowa. She has a B.A. in Spanish and a B.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. She is passionate about giving all learners a chance to practice their creativity, regardless of language and abilities.


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