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Planning Field Trips

Instructional Strategies


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Introduction 0:34

Making the Most of Art Museums

Identifying a Rationale and Objectives (Art Museums) 1:32

Preparing Students 2:22

Field Trip Activities 2:15

Specific Examples at the Museum 2:43

After Trip Wrap-Up 1:45

Touring Art Colleges

Identifying a Rationale and Objective (Art Colleges) 1:59

Field Trip Activities 1:07

Planning Before the Trip 2:10

Day of Trip Details 1:53

After Trip Wrap-Up 1:45

Exploring Local Galleries

Preparing Students for Local Galleries 1:45

Benefits of Visiting Local Galleries 1:38

Non-Traditional Gallery Spaces 0:51

Checking Out Art and Craft Festivals

Why Art and Craft Festivals 0:50

Preparing Students for Art Festivals 1:09

Day of Art Festival Activities 1:18

Reflection or After Trip Wrap-Up 1:38

Streamlining Details and Tasks

Permission Slip Best Practice 1:23


Conclusion 1:15

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Planning Field Trips

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Understand how to introduce your students to artworks in various gallery settings and lead dynamic discussions about the work.

  • 2 Explore approaches to logistics, planning, and preparation to make field trips work for you and your classes.

  • 3 Discover a variety of activities and assessments that can help ensure your field trips are a valuable and worthwhile learning experience.

Matt and Craig take you to the Columbus Museum of Art, the Columbus College of Art and Design, and local galleries to show how you can create an awesome field trip experience for your students. Learn how to optimize your planning and permission slips, share expectations with students, and lead discussions on the art you see. After you return, check out the ideas on reflections and reviews about the trip to make it a worthwhile learning experience for all involved.

Connected K-12 Art Educator Framework Competencies

5. Engagement
C. Develops questioning techniques to encourage higher-order thinking skills
D. Constructs opportunities for student choice and authentic learning

9. Connections
A. Develops instruction that incorporates historical and contemporary artwork
B. Develops instruction that incorporates artwork from a variety of cultures, communities, times, and places
C. Values how the arts connect with other disciplines and provides opportunities to experience those connections
D. Develops instruction that incorporates current issues and themes in education

15. Advocacy
A. Supports art education access for all students
C. Values the arts and communicates their importance

Matt Young

Matt Young

High School Art Teacher and PRO Facilitator

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Matt Young has always been a builder and a thinker.  Matt has spent the last 23 years teaching at Pickerington Central High School, where he focuses his work on 3D studies, computer graphics, and AP art.  When not working on art or curriculum, Matt likes to travel with his wife to watch his daughter competitive Irish dance around the country.


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