Organizing the Art Room for Choice



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Introduction 0:41

Why Choice Curriculum?

Benefits for Students 2:19

Benefits for Teachers 1:12

Overall Room Organization

Overall Room Arrangement 1:18

Table Set Up 1:54

Demonstration Area and Opening Centers 1:04

Organizing Supplies 2:34

Using Anchor Charts 2:15

Developing a Clean Up Plan 3:07

Organizing the Drawing Center

Setting Up the Drawing Center 1:57

Cleaning Up the Drawing Center 1:23

Organizing the Painting Center

Painting Materials to Offer 1:41

Cleaning Up the Painting Center 5:28

Organizing the Collage Center

Collage Materials to Offer 1:25

Setting Up the Collage Center 1:38

Organizing the Printmaking Center

Printmaking Materials to Offer 1:32

Setting Up the Printmaking Center 1:38

Cleaning Up the Printmaking Center 0:51

Planning for Pop-Up Centers

Pop Up Center Materials to Offer 1:37


Conclusion 0:36

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Organizing the Art Room for Choice

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Dive deep into the various types of centers for choice-based learning.

  • 2 Understand how to organize supplies and discover best-practice clean-up tips.

  • 3 Explore approaches to setting up each center, especially permanent centers.

In this Learning Pack, discover how to best organize your art room to support choice-based learning. Learn about why choice is a great approach for student-centered artmaking and increased development of 21st-century skills. Explore entire-room setup options and arrangements, especially for the elementary level. Wrap up with the best ways to organize each media through in-depth discussions and examples.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
1.2 Plans and prepares sequential lessons, units, and/or centers
1.4 Develops engaging activities, resources, lessons, and/or centers

Daily Management

5.2 Sets and communicates art room expectations, routines, and procedures

Physical Space
5.5 Ensures the art room space is accessible for all students
5.6 Maintains organization of student work
5.7 Plans for and upholds routines for supply distribution
5.8 Promotes safety of equipment, materials, and supplies

Wynita Harmon

Wynita Harmon

Graduate Instructor and Elementary Art Teacher

Wynita Harmon is an elementary art teacher in Plano, TX.  She enjoys providing authentic learning experiences for her students that promote innovation and critical thinking skills. Wynita holds a master’s degree in human relations with an emphasis in organizational leadership from the University of Oklahoma.


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