Standards-Based Grading



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Introduction 1:03

Standards-Based Grading Overview

What is Standards-Based Grading? 1:20

How is SBG Different than Traditional Grading? 3:24

Why Should Art Teachers Grade this Way 2:20

Standards-Based Grading in the Art Room

Starting with the Standards 3:39

Connecting to Learning Goals 3:24

The Details of Standards-Based Grading

Combining & Simplifying the Standards 2:26

Using a Scale 3:40

Identifying Levels of Proficiency and Mastery 3:03

Assessments with Standards-Based Grading

Creating Assessments 4:17

Tracking Progression 5:56

Sharing Grades with Students & Parents 3:22

Overall Benefits

Empowering Students to Own Their Learning 1:50

Using Differentiation 2:28


Conclusion 0:27

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Standards-Based Grading

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Discover how standards-based grading is different than more traditional grading methods.

  • 2 Learn about alternative methods to track student progress.

  • 3 Find out how learning scales can be implemented in the art room.

Standards-based grading is becoming increasingly common in today’s art rooms. Find out why this assessment method is empowering students to take control of their own learning. Discover how to get started with your own curriculum and build assessments to grade learning and not behavior. Dive deep with this Learning Pack to understand the standards-based grading movement today!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
2.1 Utilizes formative assessment strategies to guide student learning
2.2 Helps students reflect on learning through critique and peer feedback
2.3 Provides ongoing feedback to students

Molly Wiste

Molly Wiste

High School Art Teacher and PRO Facilitator

Molly Wiste is an art educator from northern MN. She loves helping her students become independent artists by focusing on the creative process and offering choice in the art room. In her spare time, Molly is a competitive chainsaw carver.


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