Strategies for English Language Learners



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Introduction 3:54

Simple ELL Strategies

Levels of ELL 6:38

Specific Art Room Strategies for ELL Students 9:32

Setting Up Your Classroom Space 7:58

Creating a Welcoming Environment 6:29

Utilizing Visuals

The Importance of Visuals 5:04

Using Visuals During Instruction 5:34

Standards and Objectives

Why Are Standards So Important? 4:02

How to Help Students Understand and Meet Objectives 5:56

Making Real-World Connections

Lessons that Go Beyond the Art Room 6:07

Instruction that Transfers to Other Subjects 5:58

What do Students Really Need to Know? 2:28

Using the SIOP Model

What is the SIOP Model? 3:48

Specific Strategies Using the SIOP Model 4:41

Using the SIOP Model to Inform Instruction 1:59


Conclusion 0:51

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Strategies for English Language Learners

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to design your classroom and utilize visuals and other resources to enhance your instruction for ELL students

  • 2 Explore the SIOP Model and other specific strategies to guide your instruction

  • 3 Discover new ways to define standards, help students meet objectives, and teach lessons that go beyond the classroom walls

A language barrier between you and your students can be a big challenge in the art room. However, you can still build great relationships and engage students with your instruction by utilizing specific strategies. In this Learning Pack, find the resources you need to set up your classroom, scaffold your curriculum, and design your instruction to best serve your English Language Learners.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
3.10 Considers multiple intelligences when planning instruction
3.11 Considers students’ background knowledge and ability levels when planning instruction

Megan Dehner

Megan Dehner

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Megan Dehner is an elementary art teacher (K-5) at West Liberty Elementary School in West Liberty, Iowa. She has a B.A. in Spanish and a B.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. She is passionate about giving all learners a chance to practice their creativity, regardless of language and abilities.


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