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Managing Middle Schoolers

Classroom Management


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Strategies for Managing Middle Schoolers: Introduction

Understanding Middle School Mindsets and Behavior 2:24

Essential Routines and Procedures for Middle School

Finding Success on the First Day 3:21

Staying Fair and Consistent 2:25

Winning Over Your Middle Schoolers with Humor

Using Humor to Engage and Connect 3:13

Using Parents (and Coaches) as Allies

Utilizing Your Behavior Management Plan 4:36

Spread Positivity, Not Embarrassment

Using Checklists to Guide Behavior 3:29

Dealing with Students One-on-One 2:11

Choosing What Works in Your Middle School Art Room

Five Keys For Successful Classroom Management 3:25

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Managing Middle Schoolers

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to establish (or re-establish) routines and procedures in your middle school classroom

  • 2 Gain strategies to engage and connect with students and learn how to guide their behavior

  • 3 Apply these strategies in your own classroom immediately

Classroom management can be one of the most difficult parts of teaching to master, especially at the middle school level. But a well-run classroom can have big impacts on student behavior and learning. In this Learning Pack, learn how to better connect with your students, set clear expectations, and maintain a classroom that is fair and consistent.

Walk away with strategies to implement immediately and begin to work toward creating the classroom environment that you and your students need to be successful.

Connected K-12 Art Educator Framework Competencies

10. Expectations
A. Creates and communicates clear expectations and consequences
B. Creates and communicates clear routines and procedures
C. Develops and maintains a documentation system for student behavior

11. Relationship Building
A. Builds rapport and positive relationships with students
B. Creates and maintains an environment of respect
C. Maintains self-control in challenging situations

Johanna Russell

Johanna Russell

Middle School Art Teacher and PRO Facilitator

Johanna Russell has been teaching since 2003 and is always seeking to improve her craft through non-traditional avenues of research, thought, and teaching practice. She believes the mental capacity for creativity and divergent thought will be essential for the futures of our students and that the best place for students to learn to think differently is in the art room.


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