Surviving Your First Year of Middle School Art



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Introduction 0:55


Organizing Your Classroom 4:35

Organizing Your Materials 7:21

Organizing Student Work 2:41

Lesson Planning and Curriculum

The Best Lessons for Middle Schoolers 5:45

Intermediate Lesson Ideas 5:02

Advanced Lesson Ideas 1:37

Classroom Management

Effective Ideas for Starting Class 3:56

Management Throughout the Class Period 4:24

Cleanup and Exiting Class 2:16

How to Advocate for Yourself

How to Say 'No' to Extras 2:52

How to Rock Your Observation 2:04

Self-Care and Balance

Strategies for the School Day 3:35

Strategies for Outside of School 1:39


Conclusion 0:40

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Surviving Your First Year of Middle School Art

2 PD Hours

  • 1 Explore ideas about how to organize your classroom, your supplies, and your curriculum

  • 2 Discover strategies for classroom management that will help you run a calm, consistent classroom

  • 3 Learn how to take care of yourself both inside and outside of the classroom to help make your first year go as smoothly as possible

It’s common for teachers to feel like they have no idea what they’re doing during their first year of teaching, but it doesn’t have to be that way! This Learning Pack will give you everything you need to help make your first year at the middle school level run as smoothly as possible. Learn how to organize efficiently, design your curriculum in a way that makes sense, create an effective classroom management plan and build meaningful relationships with your students.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
1.2 Plans and prepares sequential lessons, units, and/or centers
1.4 Develops engaging activities, resources, lessons, and/or centers

3.3 Demonstrates enthusiasm for content and media
3.4 Monitors student learning and adjusts lessons as needed

Daily Management
5.2 Sets and communicates art room expectations, routines and procedures

Physical Space
5.5 Ensures the art room space is accessible for all students
5.7 Plans for and upholds routines for supply distribution
5.8 Promotes safety of equipment, materials, and supplies

Jennifer Borel

Jennifer Borel

AOE Graduate Instructor and Middle School Art Teacher

Jennifer Borel is a middle school art teacher for a large school district in Kansas. She received her Bachelor of Art Education and a minor in Art History from the University of Kansas. She also has her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. When she’s not with her students she enjoys spending time with her husband John and her family. She loves photography, cooking, and travelling when she gets the chance.


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