Surviving Your First Year of Elementary Art



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Introduction 1:01

Organizing Your Art Room

Organizing Everyday Materials 2:25

Organization and Efficiency with Clay 1:39

Organization and Efficiency with Paint 1:07

A Simple Method for Organizing Printmaking 1:03

Storing and Saving Student Artwork 1:59

Lesson Planning and Curriculum

Finding Resources and Planning Your Curriculum 2:20

The Scope and Sequence of Your Curriculum 3:29

Scaffolding Your Lessons K-2 1:57

Scaffolding Your Lessons 3rd to 6th 4:10

Budgeting Based on Your Curriculum

Curriculum Scope and Sequence 1:25

Budgeting 2:06

How to Begin Your Inventory 2:05

Classroom Management Strategies

Routines for Instruction 1:57

The Importance of Consistency 1:14

How to Advocate for Yourself

Saying 'No' to Extras 1:41

Preparing for Observations 3:01

Self Care and Balance

Staying Organized and In Control 2:40

Taking Care of Yourself Outside the Classroom 2:27

Final Thoughts on Surviving Your First Year 2:12

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Surviving Your First Year of Elementary Art

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Explore ideas about how to organize your classroom, your supplies, and your curriculum

  • 2 Discover strategies for classroom management that will help you run a calm, consistent classroom

  • 3 Learn how to take care of yourself both inside and outside of the classroom to help make your first year go as smoothly as possible

Ask any art teacher why their first year was so difficult and they’ll probably tell you they felt like they had no idea what they were doing! This Learning Pack gives you everything you need to combat that feeling. From organization and curriculum tips to classroom management and budgeting strategies, your questions about your first year will be answered here. Find everything you need to survive (and thrive!) during your first year of teaching elementary art.

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
1.2 Plans and prepares sequential lessons, units, and/or centers
1.4 Develops engaging activities, resources, lessons, and/or centers

3.3 Demonstrates enthusiasm for content and media
3.4 Monitors student learning and adjusts lessons as needed

Daily Management
5.2 Sets and communicates art room expectations, routines and procedures

Physical Space
5.5 Ensures the art room space is accessible for all students
5.7 Plans for and upholds routines for supply distribution

Alecia Kaczmarek

Alecia Kaczmarek

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Alecia is a K-6 elementary art in a large district in central Iowa, and is passionate about teaching and reaching her students. She sees herself as a facilitator of artistic experiences, creative skill building, and assisting students in the development of their artistic identities.  It is her philosophy and mission to provide students with a well-roundeded, innovative, fun, and meaningful arts education.


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