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Teaching Routines and Procedures



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Teaching Procedural Routines

Introduction 0:26

Procedural Routines 2:28

Instructions and Giving Directions 2:23

Cleanup Routines

Cleanup and Closing Class 2:21

Perfecting Your Cleanup Routine 4:29

Specific Cleanup Jobs for Students 2:40

Specific Cleanup Jobs for Students, Part 2 1:41

Behavioral Routines

Establishing Expectations and Consequences 2:34

Keeping Noise at an Acceptable Level 2:15

Attention-Getting Routines 2:18

More Strategies for Attention and Instruction 2:22

Strategies for Early Finishers 3:10

Routines for Specific Materials

Simple and Efficient Supply Routines 2:48

Organization of Drawing Materials 1:10

Routines and Organization for Clay 2:11

Routines and Organization for Paint 1:11

Routines for Novelty Materials and Cleanup 3:05

Building Rapport With Your Students

Strategies for Groups 2:30

Discussion Starters to Build Rapport 1:19

How to Fix a Failing Routine

What to Do When You Need to Start Over 2:55

Re-Evaluating and Re-Teaching 1:37

Conclusion 0:22

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Teaching Routines and Procedures

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn how to establish a set of routines, expectations, and consequences that form an effective classroom management plan

  • 2 Discover how to reset and reteach routines that have gone off track

  • 3 Explore strategies and routines for organizing and teaching a variety of media

When you see hundreds of students every week, classroom management can quickly become an overwhelming burden. In this workshop, discover strategies to help you get your routines back on track to help your classroom run smoothly. Learn how to analyze different aspects of your classroom management plan in order to hone in on opportunities for improvement. Whether your plan needs a complete overhaul or just a few tweaks, this Learning Pack will help you develop a classroom management plan that really works.

Connected K-12 Art Educator Framework Competencies

10. Expectations
A. Creates and communicates clear expectations and consequences
B. Creates and communicates clear routines and procedures

12. Physical Space
B. Promotes the safe use of equipment, materials, and supplies
C. Maintains the organization of supplies and student work

Alecia Kaczmarek

Alecia Kaczmarek

Elementary Art Teacher and PRO Facilitator

Alecia is a K-6 elementary art in a large district in central Iowa, and is passionate about teaching and reaching her students. She sees herself as a facilitator of artistic experiences, creative skill building, and assisting students in the development of their artistic identities.  It is her philosophy and mission to provide students with a well-roundeded, innovative, fun, and meaningful arts education.


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