Basic Weaving Techniques



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Introduction 2:31

The Basics of Weaving

How to Introduce Weaving to Your Students 4:22

Demonstrating the Basics of Weaving 1:56

Paper Weaving

Paper Loom Weaving 2:15

Intermediate Paper Weaving Ideas 4:47

Making Paper Weaving Three-Dimensional 3:01

Stick Weaving

Warping the Loom for Stick Weaving 3:08

Completing Stick Weaving 6:41

Large Scale Circle Weaving

Ideas for Circle Loom Weaving 3:01

Continuing with Hula Hoop Weaving 4:03

Embroidery Hoop Weaving

Embroidery Hoop Weaving 2:16

Drinking Straw Weaving

An Introduction to Drinking Straw Weaving 3:46

Continuing with Drinking Straw Weaving 4:44

Finalizing Drinking Straw Weaving 1:47

Cardboard Looms

Using Cardboard Looms 6:11

Finishing and Displaying Weavings 8:35


Conclusion 1:11

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Basic Weaving Techniques

3 PD Hours

  • 1 Learn the best ways to explain and demonstrate various weaving concepts to your students

  • 2 Explore new weaving ideas that will engage and challenge your students

  • 3 Discover a variety of weaving techniques that are easy to bring into your classroom

You may love the idea of having your students do more weaving in your art room, but it can be difficult to move beyond the basics. In this Learning Pack, you will explore a variety of weaving techniques, different kinds of unconventional looms, and many other new ideas. Help your students develop their creativity and take their weavings to the next level!

Connected Professional Art Educator Competencies
4.1 Utilizes and applies knowledge of various media effectively
4.2 Demonstrates willingness to expand content knowledge of media
4.3 Scaffolds instruction to provide a deeper understanding of art media

4.4 Utilizes and applies knowledge of various techniques and processes
4.5 Demonstrates willingness to expand content knowledge of techniques and processes
4.6 Scaffolds instruction to provide a deeper understanding of art techniques and processes 


Cassie Stephens

Cassie Stephens

PRO Facilitator and Elementary Art Teacher

Cassie Stephens has been teaching art to kindergarten through fourth grade students in the Nashville, Tennessee area for nearly 20 years. She loves connecting the passions in her life: blogging, teaching, creating and dressing like a crazy person.


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