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Craft Your PD Plan Using PRO Learning

Crafting a professional development plan can be daunting. The field of art education is incredibly vast. How do you know where to begin? If you’re unsure how to write a PD plan or want to understand how PRO can help you achieve your goals, this guide is for you.

Using this guide will allow you to do two things.

  • Evaluate your strength and growth areas, utilizing a variety of strategies to determine your professional development focus.
  • Create an individualized professional development plan that supports your teaching goals.

The process is more straightforward than you think and is worth your time and effort. Having a clear PD plan will help you achieve your teaching goals, better serve your students, and advocate for your needs.

Watch the video below and download the guide to get started!

If you prefer an editable version of this resource, you can make a copy of this Google Doc and add it to your personal Drive.