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K-12 Art Educator Framework

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Teaching art is multifaceted and complex. As educators grow through their teaching journeys, develop their teaching philosophies, and explore ways to create meaningful connections with students through the visual arts, it is essential for them to continually evaluate their teaching through a critical lens.

The K–12 Art Educator Framework is a comprehensive tool to support best teaching practices for art educators. Within the framework, there are six overarching domains. These domains include Classroom Management, Assessment, Curriculum, Studio Practices, Instructional Strategies, and Professionalism. Within each of these domains, there are 15 specific subdomains. Each subdomain is further broken down into a total of 50 targeted teaching competencies. These competencies provide a standard for teachers and administrators to assess, monitor, and set relevant and personal professional goals to advance and deepen their teaching practices.

Each competency includes a corresponding description, instructional indicators, and an assessment rubric inclusive of targeted proficiency-level language. Teachers and administrators can use this information as a self-assessment tool to identify holes in various teaching practices, areas of strength, and means to improve.

Teachers can look carefully at the rubrics provided to reflect on their teaching as it pertains to the specific teaching competency and utilize the proficiency levels to identify their professional goals and craft a relevant professional development plan. These rubrics should be revisited to monitor and adjust progress towards identified goals.

The K–12 Art Educator Framework is a powerful tool created by art educators for art educators. This framework provides targeted insight and opportunities to examine, adjust, and celebrate what is specifically happening in the art room. Whether teachers are preparing for an evaluation, determining areas to enhance or enrich their teaching, or researching professional development opportunities to directly impact their goals in the classroom, this framework is an essential document to routinely reference throughout their professional career.

Download the K-12 Art Educator Framework above, or jump to specific competencies to explore further.