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Capstone Research

Course Description

Teachers with passion inspire students. This 12-week capstone course is designed to ignite master’s degree students’ to design and complete a capstone project based on their passions. Students will use action research to develop a project and are challenged to make it relevant to their classroom and experience. Tasks include the preparation of a comprehensive capstone project and paper, as well as a final celebration of their learning.

Materials Needed

Students will need to have consistent Internet access, basic computing skills, as well as audio and video capabilities. (Technology Requirements Policy)

Students are required to purchase the following texts before the course start date: 

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) (ISBN-10: 1433832178)

Action Research in Education: A Practical Guide (2nd edition) (ISBN-10: 1462541623)

The Art of Education University will provide course content, instruction, and supplementary materials for the duration of the course. Students will use an online learning platform to view the course content, submit assignments, and engage in discussion.

Graduate Credits
Enrollment in this course is available to eligible degree-seeking students only. Please contact your advisor for more details.
All courses will now close at 11 PM Central time on the 27th of each month. Graduate Credits 6 Graduate Credits
Price Graduate Credit $2394.00
Upcoming Course Run Dates
May 1 Jul 31
Jun 1 Aug 31
Jul 1 Sep 30
Sep 1 Nov 30
Nov 1 Jan 31
AOEU Course Code

Course Outcomes

  • Identify and pursue research goals that provide meaningful scholarship as a reflective practitioner.
  • Evaluate exemplars of contemporary research in art education and related fields.
  • Independently design and carry out an action research project that yields valid results.
  • Collaborate with the instructor and peers in mutually supportive ways.
  • Prepare and present a comprehensive capstone project and paper.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Getting Started
  1. Focus on organizational strategies as you simultaneously dive into a variety of research exemplars.
  2. Begin to think about research in relation to your own professional interests, and as you start to build a comprehensive body of citable resources.
Week 2
Establishing Direction
  1. Narrow your professional curiosities and decide on a topic for research.
  2. Dive deeper into your selected topic by looking at related literature.
  3. Document your work in an annotated bibliography.
Week 3
Framing the Journey
  1. Prepare poignantly written research questions.
  2. Write a rationale statement defending your research goals.
Week 4
Planning Methodology
  1. Dive deeper dive into the literature as you also begin synthesizing your knowledge on your selected topic.
  2. Pinpoint methodologies you can reasonably adapt and pursue for your Capstone Project.
Week 5
Reliable Data Collection and Analysis
  1. Plan data collection and analysis measures for your Capstone Project.
  2. Consider what makes research valid, reliable and ethical.
Week 6
Preparing for Readership
  1. Prepare a Capstone Research Proposal.
  2. Present your Capstone Research Proposal via live virtual presentation.
Week 7
Reflecting on the Journey
  1. Reflect on the feedback of peers and instructor following your presentation of work.
  2. Consider next steps as you prepare to pursue your research project.
Week 8
Collecting Data
  1. Begin collecting data from primary sources and begin basic analysis.
  2. Search library services and the Internet at large for new knowledge concerning your topic of interest.
Week 9
Analyzing Data
  1. Dive deeper into data analysis approaches.
  2. Consider various perspectives to reviewing and interpreting data.
  3. Compare and contrast the most relevant and effective ways to illustrate data.
Week 10
Making Conclusions and Recommendations
  1. Begin drafting conclusions and recommendations from your research.
  2. Consider the contributions you are making to the art education community with your research.
  3. Pose recommendations to the field based on your research findings.
Week 11
Putting It All Together
  1. Prepare your final Capstone Research Paper and accompanying supplementals.
Week 12
Celebrating the Journey
  1. Present your Capstone Research Project via live presentation.
  2. Consider next steps as an artist, educator, and researcher.

Choosing a Topic

A sample assignment from Week 2 of the class, “Capstone Research.”

1. Research

Now that you have looked at several examples of research in the field, narrow your professional interests. Choose one topic you are passionate about. Explore that topic in- depth via provided resources as well as Library Services.

2. Discussion

Share your research goals with peers and instructor. Benefit from the insights of those around you as you think critically about the research you wish to pursue and why.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Prepare a 1-minute video elevator speech telling the world what you know about your chosen topic to-date. In your video identify your research topic, detail what you know about your topic to-date, defend your topic, and discuss why you are passionate about it.

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Enrollment in this course is available to eligible degree-seeking students only. Please contact your advisor for more details.

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