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Flipping the Art Room

Flipping the Art Room

Imagine an art classroom where you don’t have to repeat yourself, where students can learn at an individualized pace, and where classroom management is addressed without interrupting learning. Sound too good to be true? Not anymore! All of this, and more, can be yours with a groundbreaking instructional method called Flipped Teaching.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn practical ways to “flip” your art room by creating instructional videos students can watch at home or during class. Whether you flip a whole course, one complicated lesson, or use this concept simply for sub plans, flipped teaching will help promote autonomy, differentiate instruction, and allow you to spend class time doing what you do best: teaching!

Graduate Credits
All courses will now close at 11 PM Central time on the 27th of each month. Graduate Credits 2 Graduate Credits
Price Graduate Credit $698.00
Upcoming Course Run Dates
May 4 Jun 28
Jun 1 Jul 26
Jul 6 Aug 30
Aug 3 Sep 27
AOEU Course Code
Morningside Course Code
EDUC500 AOE023

Course Outcomes

  • Explore a variety of successful Flipped Classroom models, both in general education and art education at the Elementary and Secondary levels.
  • Plan and prepare to flip a unit or lesson you are currently teaching.
  • Learn about successful ways to record your lessons.
  • Record video tutorials and create handouts that assist in your instructional delivery.
  • Develop an online platform for student viewing.
  • Create assessments to accompany your flipped unit or lessons.
  • Research ways to obtain technology for student success.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
Why Flipped Teaching?
  1. Research the idea of Flipped Teaching and learn how it’s changing education.
  2. Discuss and give examples of how you’re already using one of these methods in your art room.
  3. Learn about pre-assessments and interest inventories and how they can be used in the art room.
Week 2
The Flipped Art Room
  1. Dive into a series of case studies of real life art teachers who flip their instruction.
  2. Get your feet wet and create a 30-second flipped video of your very own.
Week 3
Creating Video Outlines
  1. Learn about the KUD process (Know, Understand and Do) to prepare your flipped lessons.
  2. Create an outline to plan your own flipped unit of instruction.
Week 4
Support Materials
  1. Research existing resources to supplement your original flipped lessons.
  2. Create a learning guide, poster, handout, or other type of visual for students to track their learning.
Week 5
Preparing For Your Flipped Videos
  1. View detailed tutorials concerning ways to videotape and put together flipped lessons.
  2. Practice different recording options as you prepare for a series of flipped videos.
Week 6
Shooting Flipped Videos
  1. Film and edit your flipped lessons.
  2. Gain valuable feedback from peers and instructor as you share your flipped videos.
Week 7
Incentive Systems & Using Existing Resources
  1. Create an incentive system to keep your flipped art room on track.
  2. Curate a Pinterest board to house valuable resources.  
Week 8
Action Plan and Flipping Toolkit
  1. Plan next steps and create an action plan to continue your flipping adventure.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive toolkit that houses all of your work from this class.

The Flipped Art Room

A sample assignment from Week 2 of the class “Flipping the Art Room.”

1. Research

View a series of case studies that feature experienced art teachers who are all using the flipped model in different ways.

2. Discussion

Talk about new insights you’ve learned from this research and decide which flipping model seems like a logical fit for your classroom.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Create a quick, 30-second video as an exercise to get comfortable in front of the camera, and at the start of your flipping adventure!
Sara S.
"I introduced a flipped lesson in class today and feel this class prepared me to make that successful. What I learned will directly make me a better teacher, so I feel the time and money was well-spent. I also appreciate that the cost per credit hour is much cheaper than state schools in my area."
Elizabeth T.
"This class went beyond my expectations and really inspired me. This course provided me with a wealth of practical relevant resources and a very supportive positive learning environment."
Terry C.
"I would like to see the K-5 Art Specialsits in our district, all 10 of us, take this course together. I believe that Flipping is a great teaching tool. It is such a good fit for teaching art. I would recommend this class to K-12 Art Specialists interested in learning how to Flip. AOE, you have really created an excellent course!"

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