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Mission of Teaching

This course will allow the teacher to explore philosophical perspectives and research methods within the field of education, and in art education specifically, as the professional searches for meaning both within the profession at large and within his or her personal practices.

Students will explore current issues in art education and relate those to his or her own mission/vision of teaching. Teacher leadership and mentorship qualities will be examined. Finally, the teacher will reflect upon such exploration in the creation of specific action plans and success maps to implement in the classroom to advocate, lead, and educate with confidence in the field.

Required text: The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica (2009).

ISBN: 978-0143116738

Graduate Credits
Enrollment in this course is available to eligible degree-seeking students only. Please contact your advisor for more details.
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Course Outcomes

  • Discuss philosophical methods of inquiry, reflection, and dialogue in art education and related fields.
  • Reflect upon professional philosophies and compare understandings among peers.
  • Create a mission of teaching statement while considering the implications in the classroom environment.
  • Define and develop personal leadership qualities, while distinguishing personal strengths and weaknesses as advocates for the arts.
  • Create advocacy tools to promote the fields of art education at local, national, and potentially global levels.
  • Design a success map and action plan for research.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
General Education Philosophies
  1. Zoom out and understand the history and context surrounding the general education field and how it impacts art education.
  2. Explore resources which foster an understanding of how general education has evolved over the years.
Week 2
Current Issues in Art Education
  1. Dive deeply into history specific to the field of art education.
  2. Dig into new and current research in the field of art education.
Week 3
Your Vision
  1. Work through several reflective activities aimed at helping you narrow your personal vision as an educator.
  2. Define your priorities in art education as you consider your personal and professional strengths.
Week 4
Your Mission
  1. Transform your vision into a concrete mission statement.
  2. Embark upon an inspiration curation which will serve as a visual reminder to help you live your mission day in and day out.
Week 5
Teacher Leadership
  1. Examine the attributes of a teacher-leader and consider your own leadership potential.
  2. Explore the many ways to be a teacher-leader, in the world of art education at large, as well as in your own school and community.
Week 6
Mentors and Mentoring
  1. Explore the roles of mentor and mentee in art education.
  2. Write a letter to one of your mentors, providing specific examples regarding how they have helped you on your journey.
Week 7
Unpacking Advocacy and Success Mapping
  1. Understand why advocacy is an important part of any art educator’s practice.
  2. Assemble your learning from this class into several key artifacts you can use as a leader.
Week 8
Preparing for Capstone Research
  1. Reflect on your learning as you prepare for the final step of your master’s degree journey.
  2. Decide on a capstone project topic and begin organizing your research.

Your Mission

A sample assignment from Week 4 of the class, “Mission of Teaching.”

1. Research

Complete an “Inspiration Curation.” Search for five to ten quotes and/or images that support your mission of teaching. Compile those quotes/images in a creative way. This activity is designed to serve as a visual reminder to help you hone in on your mission statement day in and day out.

2. Discussion

Reflect upon your “Inspiration Curation” in relation to your personal and professional goals. Share a plan for ongoing curation. Discuss your evolution as a practitioner and define your priorities in the field.

3. Practical, Hands-On Application

Now that you have visualized your priorities within the field of art education, you will take this vision and transform it into a concrete mission statement. Your mission is an ever-evolving document, so anticipate future revisions of this powerful, living statement!

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