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Complimentary Workshops for Art Teachers

Check out the offerings available in our new workshop series created exclusively for art teachers. Register for one or more webinars by clicking the links below the descriptions.

How to Modify FLEX Lesson Plans

FLEX IconIn this workshop, we will explore how to modify, adapt, and enhance FLEX lesson plans to meet the needs of your students. No matter your teaching situation or schedule, FLEX lessons provide a strong foundation you can modify and build upon. With a little creativity and new perspectives, this workshop is sure to help you make the most of these engaging resources.

Workshop Dates:
Tuesday, July 27 at 1 PM ET (COMPLETE)
Monday, August 9 at 10 AM ET (COMPLETE)

Learn to Supplement Existing Plans With FLEX Resources

FLEX IconDo you currently have a district plan, curriculum, or scope and sequence in place and want to know how FLEX can enhance your existing content? In this workshop, we will explore how to search for FLEX resources that align with and support your already existing plans. We will practice searching for specific content based on existing criteria and discuss creative ways to maximize what FLEX can do for you.

Workshop Dates:
Wednesday, July 28 at 10 AM ET (COMPLETE)
Tuesday, August 3 at 6 PM ET (COMPLETE)

PRO Pack Club: Establish Art Room Routines and Procedures for a Successful School Year

Are you ready to dive into the 2021-2022 school year refreshed, reenergized, and prepared to create routines and procedures that will set you and your students up for success? Similar to a book club, this workshop will include collaboration and discussion around two PRO Packs: Routines for Managing Supplies and Teaching Routines and Procedures. Participants will complete both Packs before the workshop and come prepared to discuss this essential topic.

Workshop Dates:
Monday, August 2 at 11 AM ET (COMPLETED)
Wednesday, August 11 at 4 PM ET

Wednesday, August 11 at 4 PM ET

How Flexible is FLEX? 3 Ways to Use FLEX to Supplement Lesson Planning

So, what can FLEX really offer us? Why, FLEX-ibility, of course!

All puns aside, there is a lot of versatility in how you can use FLEX. Explore these options and reflect on which would be most beneficial to your lesson planning process.

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How to Use PRO for In-Person PD

Although the content in PRO lives online, there are many ways to use PRO for in-person professional development. Art leaders can flip PD by having teachers watch videos on their own, then come together to discuss. They can also utilize PRO videos and resources during an in-person PD day. This guide contains two full-day PD schedules that utilize PRO Packs and a resource that demonstrates how to create your own PD day using a PRO Pack of your choice.

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