Save Hours on Your Next Order Form with This Handy Tool

This time of year, you start to get creative with supplies. Last fall’s overstuffed supply closet might look a bit bare, and you’re constantly altering lessons and centers to make sure there are enough glue sticks and Sharpies to last to the end of the year. But even more annoying than running out of supplies is ordering new ones. There are always a million little things to request!

empty supplies

One quick way to make supply ordering less stressful is to keep a running list of the supplies you use up as the final weeks pass by. You could make quick notes on a scrap piece of paper or save labels off empty boxes and bottles to reference later. That way, once it’s time to put your order together, you can look over your notes and quickly compile your list. There’s no digging through cabinets and closets to see what you need. You already know!

If you need a little boost to keep yourself organized, try using a detailed form like the one below. Keep it in an easy-to-reach spot and add to it every time you use up a material or supply. You’ll thank yourself when it comes to writing up that daunting order form.


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How do you keep the supply ordering process manageable? 

What supplies do you always seem to run out of this time of year?

Tracy Hare

Learning Team

Tracy is a middle school art teacher from central MN who strives to create rich, meaningful content and resources through her Art Ed PRO Director role at AOE.


  • Dawn Kruger

    Scrawled notes get transferred to a wishlist on my supplier’s website. Then I can adjust amounts and prioritize before adding them to the cart. From the cart I print a list I attach to a PO. That way I get current prices and the site does the math for me. I only wish I could reorder the wishlist so like items are always together. Are you listening Dick Blick?

  • Marla Hart

    I keep a spread sheet of all my typical supplies that I update annually before ordering. I can sort it by categories such as vendor for easy ordering. I keep a master list of everything as well as tabs for each vendor. The item numbers are already there so I just have to update prices as needed. Each year I keep what I have done so I can also track how much of each item we’ve used. This helps me to not over order. It took some time to set up, but it has saved me a great deal of time since. My kids inventory in the Spring.
    Of course I also keep a general list of things I think of throughout the year in the back of my agenda.

  • Lucy Hertz

    What is your biggest frustration with ordering? For me, it is the wide range of quality and prices. I hate having to submit 5 PO’s to different companies. It’s such a waste of time. Anyone have a similar issue?