Aubrey Didonato


Hello! I am Aubrey DiDonato, an artist, teacher, and writer. I have been teaching in various formats since 2014. I own Intimatepaper Fine Art Studios in Eagle, Colorado, where I teach lessons and small classes to those in my community. Along with my personal venture, I teach courses at Colorado Mountain College. It is important for me to help others find their creative joy and freedom in making.

Previously, I’ve worked in non-profit printmaking studios, art centers, universities, and high schools (with up to seven preps and lots and lots of students). I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the classroom and on the school’s leadership team. I recently transitioned into teaching in my studio space to allow for more time with my son. It has been a whirlwind of learning and adapting.

My passion for teaching and making comes from the impact art and mentor teachers had on me during difficult times. Art is always there; having art teachers as guides to help and support me in my creative endeavors has been highly impactful. Creativity has always been a pillar in my life, allowing me to grow, flourish, and overcome.

I look forward to empowering others to share their same support and passion. You never know the difference you are making. I am honored to be a part of The Art Of Education community. It’s a platform to share my love and understanding of artmaking, creating, and teaching.