Deb DuBois

Director of Marketing

I discovered digital marketing by way of instructional design. One of the strengths of this unique path is understanding the value of learner analysis in both instruction and marketing. I’ve learned that when I focus on getting to know the audience and letting their needs guide the solutions, that’s when impactful ideas surface. 

I like to think of AOEU’s marketing as a career-long conversation with art educators. It’s a two-way dialog where we listen to the needs of art educators and then connect them with solutions to their everyday challenges. Our relationship isn’t meant to be a single transaction; we are committed to walking alongside art educators for the entirety of their careers. I look forward to this journey together, and like a trusted colleague, my door is always open, so please reach out with new challenges and ideas!

Beyond work, I am happiest spending time with my family. I enjoy traveling, biking, and baking. My specialty is decorating cakes and cookies to share with family and friends. I also enjoy playing, coaching, and watching sports: especially basketball and baseball.