Jen Weyant Betz

Adjunct Instructor

Hi there, my name is Jennifer Weyant Betz, and I identify as an art teacher before all other titles. I have an EdD in Curriculum and Instruction. Before that, I earned a MeD in Florida and a BFA in a New York Art School.

More recently, I decided to get a few new certifications to keep up with technology—mainly as a Quality Matters certified online course designer and subject matter expert, an EdTPA certified scoring rep, and a state college BOE reviewer. I will always be certified permanently in two states as an art educator.

My wanderlust for travel was somewhat started when I led seven study abroad excursions to Italy and a few more to NYC and Washington, D.C. I co-wrote “Standards for Study Abroad,” hoping to be part of more trips in the future.

I love hearing stories about the classroom teacher and seeing art produced by teachers and kids alike. Please share your images with me!

I’m currently a student too. I’m learning to be a master gardener. Soon, I’ll be taking Instructional Design courses to catch up with current trends in technology. Both of these content areas are so opposite of one another, I’m hoping they balance each other out.

Professional Accomplishments:

State College BOE reviewer | 2021

State College BOE reviewer | 2020

QM-Quality Matters certified-online course designer and Subject matter expert | 2018

State College BOE reviewer | 2016

State College BOE reviewer | 2015

EdTPA certified scoring rep | 2013

Higher education chair: GAEA | 2013

EdD in Curriculum and Instruction, focusing in Art Education curriculum and assessment practices | 2009

NAEA presenter | 2009

Dissertation topic, “Assessment practices in Florida Art Education classrooms” | 2008

Higher education chair: FAEA | 2008

NAEA presenter | 2007

MeD in Florida | 2005

Higher education chair: SECAC | 2006

BFA in a New York Art School | 1992