Jennifer Borel

Academic Advisor & Partnerships Coordinator

In 2014, I was teaching art and running an art teacher blog sharing resources with my readers about activities in my classroom. Little did I know, Jessica Balsley was one of my readers. I contemplated moving on from blogging when Jessica emailed me and encouraged me to apply to be a writer with AOEU. I did and spent two wonderful years writing for the Magazine.

Before my work with AOEU, I taught elementary and middle school art in a large district in northeast Kansas. I taught elementary art for six years before switching to middle school. I loved helping my students engage their creative sides while navigating the challenging middle school years. There is nothing better than watching your students understand and use the concepts they’ve learned long after leaving the classroom.

Currently, I work as an adjunct graduate instructor and academic advisor for AOEU, and I run my own photography business. I enjoy spending time with my husband, John, and our two children. I also love to snap photos from behind my camera, cook up recipes from the excessive number of cookbooks I own, and travel whenever I get the chance.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, Concentration as an Effective Practitioner. (2013)
  • BAE in Visual Arts Education, Minor in Art History, Concentration in Architecture and Interior Design (2009)