Kiley Hingle

Product Support Specialist

Hi! I’m Kiley. I first heard about the Product Support Specialist position from a great friend and former co-worker who absolutely loves working at The Art of Education University. I am super excited to support other educators as a part of the School Success Team!

From a young age, the arts have been a passion of mine. Regardless of the medium, I knew that creation and the search for beauty were integral as I engaged with the world around me. As an art educator for over 17 years, I felt honored teaching K–12 students to love and appreciate creation and beauty, too.

I live in Central Florida, the land of the Bucs, the Magic, and theme parks; our family is a big fan of all three! I love spending time with my musician hubby and our two amazing kiddos. We can often be found playing in our yard, adventuring at parks, or making all kinds of fun messes in our living room. I especially enjoy reading books of all kinds, listening to music, and learning interesting things from podcasts.