Liz Pate

Customer Success Manager - Tech Touch

Greetings! My name is Liz Pate. I am thrilled to be a Customer Success Manager at The Art of Education University. My passion is education and learning. After receiving my Masters in Adult Education and Training, along with Project Management Certification, it reaffirms my commitment to educators and the students they serve. I am humbled to work with educators and the students, as they embark and grow on their individual learning journeys.

I have spent my career supporting, implementing and project managing a vast variety of technology solutions in the k-12 community. There is nothing more impactful and joyful than partnering with teachers and administrators to provide digital solutions that are relevant in assisting what they do daily; educating our kids.

When I am not learning alongside educators, you can find me running around the farmyard with my significant other, working to provide the best life for our 24 chickens, three ducks, and four dogs (yes, there is always room for more). Together, he and I, enjoy the rewards that come from getting our hands and feet dirty rearing animals, gardening, and trying to live as sustainably as possible. No matter what, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow around here!