Derek Balsley

Founder & CEO

Hello. I’m Derek Balsley, Founder and CEO at The Art of Education.

My wife Jessica and I founded the Art of Education in 2011 to help art teachers around the world access higher quality professional development.

Prior to founding AOE, my professional career was spent in marketing, branding, business strategy, and experiential design. I’m passionate about creating powerful customer experiences and building products and brands that truly improve people’s lives.

What our team has accomplished with The Art Education goes far beyond a simple PD resource for art teachers. AOE has become a truly innovative higher learning platform, changing the way many people look at higher education in general.

Consider for a moment that colleges and universities are generally thought of as our primary ‘institutions of higher learning’ while at the same time we willingly accept that their involvement in our lives should naturally end after 4-6 years of traditional courses.

Ask yourself… what if a college/university didn’t just advocate for ‘lifelong learning’, but actually executed on it?” What if Universities were places where you could learn for an entire career or lifetime?

What would happen if you built a higher learning institution that placed just as much emphasis into post-graduate learning tools like articles, podcasts, videos, workshops, conferences, so that their students’ learning didn’t abruptly end after securing a diploma? So that the institution could serve its students for an entire career or lifetime?

-Derek Balsley

As of today, tens of thousands of educators rely on AOE’s online graduate classes, workshops, conferences, articles, videos, and podcasts to help them grow and find success at every stage of their career.

We couldn’t be more proud to play our small role in ensuring art educators around the world get the quality professional development they deserve!


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