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Sarah Hale Keuseman

Head Library Services

I started teaching art when I was in high school, driving around to local elementary schools to teach after school classes. Since then, I have taught environmental education on the shores of Lake Superior and Hudson Bay, art in an urban school focused on Native American arts and culture, and worked with an amazing team of educators and students to start an arts-focused, project-based charter school in the land of cows, colleges, and contentment (that’s Northfield, Minnesota).

I hold a B.A. in studio art and education from St. Olaf College, a graduate certificate in environmental education from the University of Minnesota Duluth, a M.A.Ed. from Hamline University, and an Ed.S. in school curriculum and assessment policy from the University of Iowa. In addition, I completed a Ph.D. in educational policy and leadership studies from the University of Iowa. Artistically, I am interested in exploring color and shape through watercolor painting and printmaking. My research interests include the impact of state and federal policies on local schools and classrooms, charter schools, teacher leadership initiatives, and social justice issues and arts advocacy.

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