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Sarah Hale Keuseman

I started at AOEU in 2017, first as a Visiting Instructor, then eventually also taking on the role of Head of Library Services as AOE grew into AOEU. My road to teaching art began when I was in high school, driving around to local elementary schools to teach after-school classes. Since then, I have taught environmental education on the shores of Lake Superior and Hudson Bay, art in an urban school focused on Native American arts and culture, and I have worked with an amazing team of educators and students to start an arts-focused, project-based charter school in Minnesota. These days, I teach middle school art in Iowa in addition to my roles at AOEU. Artistically, I am interested in exploring color and shape through watercolor and printmaking. I geek out over curriculum, standards, and education research. I feel blessed to be living the best of both worlds in a sense—working with young artists in the classroom AND helping make AOEU the best it can be as we grow our graduate offerings.


PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Iowa | 2016

EdS, School Curriculum and Assessment Policy, University of Iowa | 2013

MAEd, Education, Hamline University | 2006

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education, University of Minnesota Duluth | 2000

BA, Studio Art and Education, St. Olaf College | 1999

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