Drawing Materials List

In lieu of a textbook for this course, we have provided a list of materials for you to obtain in order to complete your hands-on assignments. Some of these materials you may already own or may be able to obtain from your school. Others you may need to purchase or order. Below you will see three lists: Required, Subject Matter Materials, and Optional. Some harder-to-find materials are linked to supply stores in this handout to help as you acquire supplies. Please note: Any links are included for your convenience only. Feel free to order or purchase supplies anywhere you wish. 

We strongly recommend reading the entire syllabus and looking through the materials lists early-on in the class to ensure you have everything you need for each of the weekly assignments.

Required Materials:

The following materials are required for this course. Many of these items will be used multiple times throughout the course as well.

  • Journal/ Sketchbook – spiral 8×10 or larger
  • Drawing pencils – 4-6 pencils minimum which range from 6H to HB to 6B. Be prepared to purchase more as needed.
  • Ebony pencil – at least 2 pencils
  • Artist pens – at least 1 black ultra-fine Sharpie, but a variety of sizes are recommended.
  • Black charcoal – a small amount is required. Derwent charcoal pencils work well, with little dust.
  • White charcoal – a small amount is helpful.
  • Conte – 1 box
  • White eraser – 1-2 erasers
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Blending Stumps – at least 1 stump
  • Drawing paper – paper that can handle a variety of media. Heavyweight drawing paper in a pad is recommended. 11 x 14 or larger required for some assignments.
  • Newsprint – large scratch paper. A pad of newsprint is recommended.
  • Ruler or straight edge triangle

You will be asked to explore several media through the course.

Choose at least 2-3 different media from this list:

  • India Ink – black
  • Watercolor pencils – at least 6 colors
  • Colored pencils – at least 6 colors, including white, black, neutrals
  • Chalk pastels – at least 6 colors, including white, black, neutrals
  • Oil pastels – at least 6 colors, including white, black, neutrals
  • Markers – several colors and sizes

Subject Matter Materials:

  • Drawing mannequin (*Only required if you pursue an interest in anatomical drawing and don’t have access to a live model.)

Optional Materials:

  • Woodless pencil – 1 pencil is recommended if drawing pencils are selected for creating final art pieces.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Stick eraser
  • Eraser shield
  • Colorless blender
  • Terpenes/ terpenoids and Q-tips
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Colored paper – pastel/charcoal/conte paper
  • Skewer sticks for visual measuring